четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

BT-5, Spanish Civil War

During Spanish Civil War, the USSR supported Spanish Repulican forces with "volunteers" and tanks, including 50 BT-5 ones. They saw extensive action since late 1937 and some of them became Nationalst trophies with colorfull bands on the turret to avoid friendly fire.

The only BT-5 kit is a crapy & old Zvezda's one. Thet's why I chose Rhino model resin hull & Tamiya BT-7 turret for my project. Both were corrected to fit BT-5 + some scratchbuilding and other aftermarket goodies were used. Hardcore weathering is the thing I like, besides it's quite all right for Spanish climate in winter, late fall or early spring.

An article is published in recent AFV modeller issue 65