понедельник, 26 марта 2012 г.

Japanese SPG Ho-Ni 3

The kit was finished by the end of 2007 becoming my 1st Japanese armor piece.
Ho-Ni 3 was a tank destroyer, armed with a 75mm bun in a closed superstructure with 25-mm armor. It was intended to be used for protecting the hime islands and thus did not see action. My heavy weathered model may depict a vehicle on a field exercise.
Finemolds kit may be rare and a bit pricy but the quiality and parts fit are very good. I added superb Fruilmodel tracks and Elf headlight. Little PE fret was in the box as well.
For the model I chosed a picturesque camo scheme with acid yellow stripes. It was not typical by 1944-45, but looks damn cool! :) I used enamel & acrylic paints, pigments and so on. Rainmarks were painted using Tamiya Buff color according to MiG's method. Tracks were chemically rusted.
I wish to thank my Israeli friend Boris Kuznetsov for the image processing.