понедельник, 26 марта 2012 г.

M-50 Sherman Degem Aleph, 1956-58

To oppose arabs' T-34-85 & Pz IVs, Isrealis retrofit their Shermans with powerfull French 75-mm gun ( derivative from WW2 Panther tank gun). The same gun was used on AMX-13 tanks an Egyptian Shermans M4/FL-10. Handfull of M-50s were available during operation Kadesh (Sinai campaign) in 1956. During 1950s-80s M50s saw action in Israel and Lebanon, were upgraded and exported to several countries.

Some time ago Dragon re-released their old M-50 kit, but in 2009-10 no M-50 was avaliable. That's why I kitbashed an ancient MP models turret and a modern DML composite Sherman hull. It took me a lot of time to detail and accuratize my model using various aftermarket and scratch-building.