четверг, 29 марта 2012 г.

IDF Nagmachon. WIP 1

Unlike most of armies, Israeli Defense Force focus on armor protection of their APC, instead of upgrading the firepower. It makes sense, since any dirty-assed "freedom fighter" with an RPG can easily destroy a thin armored vehicle armed with 100mm gun. Nagmachon APCs feature thicker tank armor + ERA blocks. As for other APCs, they feature even more sophisticated composite armor like MBTs. A friend of mine while riding inside an Achzarit (T-55 based APC with composite armor) survived RPG attack without being injured. 4 RPG grenades hit the Achzarit but fortuntely they failed to penetrate the armor and injure the soldiers. Namera features even more powerfull armor package, similar to Merkava 4.

Nagmachons saw extensive service in 1990s in the Security zone in Southern Lebanon, fighting Hizballah terrosts. In the 21st century they (being equipped with "doghouses") oppose "palestinian" terrorists in Gaza, Judea & Samaria.

I decided to build an early version (late 90s - early 2000s) without a superstructure. I'm combining Legends resin conversion kit & AFV club Centurion's suspension and lower hull. Some other aftermarket & scratchbuilding parts are involved